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Following instructions from your solicitor, our teams will arrange an appointment for you to be examined by a medicolegal expert.  We will also arrange any other examinations of treatment which is recommended including rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy and diagnostics such as MRI scans for instance.

Our panel of medicolegal experts ensure that you receive a completely unbiased/fair assessment of your injuries and will provide recommendations for the most appropriate recommendations to aid your recovery.

On occasions the appointed medical expert may wish to review your clinical notes and other notes which may include GP, Hospital, Private Treatment Provider etc.  If this is the case, either our team or your solicitor will ask you to complete a consent form to help us obtain any requisite records efficiently.


Rest assured, the medico legal expert instructed to conduct your appointment will be suitably qualified and have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to provide advice and prepare a medicolegal report.

Medicolegal experts may ask you a variety of questions including for example, details about your accident, details about how injuries impact on your lifestyle, pre-existing medical conditions etc

PLEASE NOTE: MedAssistUK along with our medicolegal panel of experts are completely independent of the parties involved in the claims process.


If you have any questions regarding our services please do not hesitate to call our client liaison team directly on 0151) 541 9860




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